Facilities Available at St. John’s United Church, Alliston

Note:  Our building is fully accessible, with an elevator to all floors and spaces.  Shilton Hall, Dermott Room and the Library are air-conditioned.

SANCTUARY – suitable for recitals, concerts, etc. 

Capacity – pew seating for 200-220, choir seating for 30

An esthetically beautiful venue with excellent acoustics, housing a Casavant organ and Yamaha baby grand piano, as well as a sound system.  Portable staging is available.  See “Policy and Guidelines for Use of Sanctuary”.


SHILTON HALL – suitable for banquets, luncheons, trade shows, conferences, family events

Capacity:  – banquets:  120 (tables and chairs)

                  -  trade shows: (20 tables)

                  - lectures:  150 (chairs only)

Description – A large room with windows on 2 sides, and a full kitchen with commercial dishwasher.  A sound system, podium, and projection screen are available.                                                                         Shilton Hall    


DERMOTT ROOM – suitable for luncheons, meetings

Capacity – 25

Half is carpeted as a lounge, with couches, chairs and end tables.  It contains a piano and a pull-down projection screen.  The other half has a tile floor with tables and chairs and a kitchenette.  The 2 halves can be divided by a retractable curtain, or used as one room.



 Dermott Room (View 1)    

                                                                                    Dermott Room (View 2)                                                            

LIBRARY – suitable for meetings

Capacity – 14

A boardroom with long table and comfortable seating for 10 (extra chairs available), with a pull-down screen.


FAITH HALL – suitable for meetings or trade shows  

Capacity: – trade shows: (10 tables)

                 - meetings:  80 – 100 (chairs only)


 A basement meeting room with cold water sink and counter.



Small Rooms (3) – meetings 

Capacity – 8 to 12+


 For more information, or to book, please contact the Office Administrator at (705) 435- 6732 or [email protected]

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